Who Needs Love Campaign

Hey Denver! Who Needs Love?

Elise LoSasso Properties by Savvy Realty is kicking off the MONTHLY "Who Needs Love" Campaign to give back to the city that it loves so much.

Here's how it works: if you or anyone that you know has hit some hard times or just needs a little extra love this month, tell us about it! Send Elise a private email to Elise@SavvyRealtyCo.com no later than the 10th of the month nominating your candidate detailing their current situation. On October 15th, our "Who Needs Love" most deserving story will be chosen and will receive the equivalent of $300 in the most useful way possible (e.g. hospital bill payment, groceries, kids birthday presents, etc.)

Those who submit the story will be the point of contact so please remember to give your full name, phone number and email. We look forward to helping those in need and giving back!


Visit Instagram @elosasso to see the progress of the campaign!

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